lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008


So, maybe a little explanation is in order about the ultra-dramatic profile and first post.
When I suddenly decided to start this blog yesterday, I was crying. Crying because I had just worked up the nerve to look in the mirror, pull down my bottom lip, and see exactly what was hurting so much. After a nice round of cyberchondria, I've realized that I probably need some gingival graft action, stat. Exposed roots, raw nerves, etc. Did I really think that this day would never come? And isn't it ironic that vanity, that very engine that has kept me so tightly on the ED course, is now in more alarm than ever?
Anyhow, with my life flashing before me (all of my worst fears are finally coming true!), I sat down to start this blog. And the first post came out pretty pseudo-poetic. Since then I've found some realy wonderful blogs that reminded me that false-pretense is unnecessary. Contemplative works. Off-topic works. Funny works.
So. Onward!

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Tiptoe dijo...

Ramona, first I'm glad you started this blog. The title is great! I hope you are able to get out of blogging what many have.

I totally hear you about teeth/gum issues. It's such a sad fact that our teeth become ruined. I've written several posts on my teeth woes, so I definitely sympathize. A friend of mine had a gingival graft. It was somewhat painful and she couldn't eat well for a week or so, but after that, it was okay. If you are smoker, I've heard some dental surgeons won't even perform one as the graft has a worse chance of taking.

Anyway, glad you're blogging and have found mine as well.

ramona dijo...

Oof. I'm coming to terms with it but very very very afraid.
Ex-smoker, so in the clear there at least ;)

Sarah dijo...

Awesome you started a blog! I just started mine not too long ago. I hope you find it helpful=)

I've added you to my follow list as well=)